Learning Management Support

We use MOODLE© for online courses which is highly compatible with mobile devices. 

Note: There are items required by the courses, such as software installs, Java, and Flash player which are still desktop-only features and work may still need to be done on a desktop computer or laptop to finish a course.

iPad and iPhone Support

OS devices are common in the educational market and work well with our services, with some small tweaks needed for some courses. Maximize your experience with these tips and best practices:

  • Mobile Safari does not support every feature in every course, as a result, you may want to try another browser for your course. The Chrome browser on iOS does a little better in some navigational regards than the stock Safari browser.
  • iOS devices do not support Flash in the default browser, and some of our courses use Flash. However, you can work around that by installing the paid Photon browser, click here to watch a tutorial. If you choose not to, you will see that all important Flash material in the course has a “Text Only” link below the Flash box that provides a text version of the necessary information for the student.
  • iOS devices also cannot directly upload files to dropboxes. The workaround for that is to post links in those assessments for your teachers from a service such as Dropbox or Google Docs instead of submitting the file itself.